Sunday, 10 August 2014

Polaroid Pictures

Now, I as a teenage girl conforming to the stereo types of our society love instagram, and I mean love.
 I spend way to many hours of my day scrolling through it and wondering why i can't take good photos.

The only thing I find wrong with my favourite social media platform is I feel like my photos just sit there, never to be looked at.... But then i discovered polaroid printing. This is the best way to get the photos into hard copy.

The company I use to print my polaroids is called I  really researched this and I found this was the cheapest way to print polaroid photos online. And they are great quality too!

These little pocket pictures are a brilliant way to decorate and are really diverse in the ways you can use them. My favourite ways to use these little photos are as follows.....

1. Stick em on your wall
This simple way of displaying them is not to be over looked, especially when you have loads of them printed.

2. Use them as cards
These are great to send as cards and to capture a special memory.

3. Hang them from string
This one takes a bit longer and uses a bit of glue and patience but the effect is stunning

I hope you like these idea! tell me if you use any of them.

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Phoebe x

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